Can Go Consult conduct an analysis on the serviceability of a concrete structure-elements?

Go Consult can do the relevant testing to provide the structural engineer with the information to reverse engineer the structural capacity of concrete structure elements. Relevant testing is, core drilling, reinforcing scanning, durability testing and non-destructive testing.

How long can I expect to wait for test results or concrete mix designs?

For aggregate testing and concrete mix designs, if all appropriate information and material is provided by the client, the results should be available in 3 to 5 working days.

For compressive strength testing of concrete cubes, the results will become available the day after the test has been conducted.

Are the courses available worldwide?

Yes, courses are available to be completed online from any location.

What services fall under SANAS accreditation?
  • Concrete mix design;
  • Compressive strength testing of concrete cubes;
  • Drilling and testing of concrete cores.
Will Go Consult provide me with Cement, Admixture or Aggregate suppliers?

Go Consult will not prescribe any cement, admixture or aggregate but can provide you with a range of contact details of reputable suppliers of products.

Can Go Consult provide me with concrete testing equipment?

Yes, although Go Consult is not a concrete testing equipment supplier, we help clients acquire common concrete testing equipment, on a regular basis, by sourcing it from reputable concrete testing equipment suppliers.

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